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It hit me. I was six-years-old and had stayed home sick. Instantaneous inspiration propelled me off the couch, I had to find a pen and paper, a whole poem was in complete in my mind and was insisting that it be written down. That was the beginning since then I have filled several bookcases with my verbal meanderings.

More recently I took time out from career and children to hone my craft. Placed myself in a university, a forty-year-old in a sea of eighteen to twenty-somethings. It was a perfect short story, I changed myself, learned well and produced some surprising pieces that challenged me.

Now I have an even greater challenge as a freelance writer—to do the work.

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My poem  'Clinton Rec' is included in Cordite 93: PEACH

edited by Nicci Haynes. George Mouratidis, Ling Toong, Lucy Van

The issue itself is daring and overt in not shying away from speaking outloud about the experience of injustice in its many guises. Beautifully curated it's well worth a read.

"Do you ever get the feeling you are living in one large, overdeveloped petri dish? Where you are the subject who is either encouraged to grow, or who is intermittently starved of nutrients, and yet still your spirit writhes outside of your chest and your determination to thrive trumps all else. This speaks to the development of Patient Zero."

This anthology of work by the writers from The Writing Zone 2021, is a vibrant collection of work of many forms. Bold in its assertions over this present moment, I am so proud to have edited this volume. It can be downloaded at

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