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The Journalistic Project

Inspired by an altruistic desire to change the world, many of my stories take the path of social advocacy. I am a believer in the ability of good journalism to shine a light injustice or to just to create a public discussion about the commonalities of life. Below are links to a few of my projects. I am available as a freelance journalist and am available to discuss your projects further.

Literate in all mediums, we can tell a story in the medium which serves the narrative best.

The Dads are watching their children at Bradbury pools. The kids are doing their swimming lessons on a Tuesday afternoon. A three-year-old boy is screaming in protest, others are clumsily freestyling down the heated-indoor pool while their dads sporting business shirts or hi-vis gear yell directions at them from their place on the aluminium seats. All these guys are at the height of their working life, most of them have young families and all of them are part of the highest age-demographic for suicide in Australia


James, Radiologist, NSW Central Coast

Domestic Violence

Changing and challenging narratives

Domestic violence is dramatic. Crisis is dramatic. But, even for professionals in the fields of policy and support, the lines and numbers of what constitutes domestic violence and who suffers from it is not very clear.


Thanks to narratives by personalities such as Rosie Battie or campaigns by White Ribbon or other like organisations, Domestic Violence has gone from being a taboo topic reserved for late night phone calls and women’s bathrooms, to a commonplace narrative. I have witnessed a lot of tut-tutting, shaking of heads and “oh that’s terrible” or “He’s a monster. Someone needs to punch his lights out and throw away the key.” As dramatic and as sensational as these narratives may be, they are not helpful and give no room for just how complicated, nuanced and systemic the issues are.


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